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Transform Your Balcony Into Zen Space Under Budget

A zen space is where we find peace and harmony in the chaos. A place to relax, think, reflect, and rejuvenate; it’s a sanctuary from the outside world. It’s a place where we can retreat when the stresses of everyday life become too much. It’s a lovely way to keep the mind and body healthy, mentally and physically. But, as anyone living with a balcony knows, it’s often difficult to create a zen space when you don’t have the budget. A balcony is an easy and inexpensive way to expand your home and add space. 

The first thing anyone gets in the mind while thinking about zen space is statues of buddha and music with water fountains. They are necessary to make the place look serene. For a space to be truly zen, we need to create a three-dimensional environment that is comfortable and relaxing. But these options might not be suitable for everyone on a budget. So, let’s start to create a zen space within budget because there are so many ways a balcony can be transformed into an oasis without breaking the bank.

5 Ways to transform the balcony into a zen space

1. Add plants for a natural feel

A zen space is not just about decorating and creating art. It’s also about having a small garden to add a little nature into the room. A balcony is an opportune place to make a small garden to help you feel connected with nature.

2. Paint walls with buddha image

The image of Buddha has been a staple in creating a zen space. But it is not just about the image. You need to paint the walls with a light or dark shade to give it a different feel for your balcony.

3. Decorate the corner with pebbles

Pebbles are a natural and non-invasive way to add decor to a balcony. It looks good with any sort of decor. Plus, the pebbles can create a different feel for the area. They are comfortable on the feet, so it’s perfect for relaxing.

4. Place a rug to create a meditation corner

Many of us have a small place for meditation in our homes; this is the perfect spot to create a zen space. A rug is a wonderful addition to any zen space. It can help you feel comfortable and at ease.

5. Use incense sticks for aroma

Incense sticks are a wonderful way to create an aromatic space. They smell nice and give off a lovely aroma. The smell of incense gives a calming effect on your mind and body.

A balcony is a great way to create a zen space. But it’s not just about painting the walls and adding plants. You need to make it comfortable and relaxing for you to add the feel of a zen space. Create a small garden to enjoy the beauty of nature, place a rug to create a meditation corner, and use incense sticks to add the appropriate aroma. Expanding your zen space on a budget is easy because you don’t need to spend too much.

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