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Punjabi Theme Dhaba Makeover

To explore the authenticity of food, culture, and tradition one should visit the place of origin for an experience that is unforgettable. But thanks to the modern world innovations, now we can go back in time and relive a dish without physically going there. We can find many restaurants which offer various cuisines but they can’t match the taste of local authentic food from a Dhaba. 

The Dhaba culture is quickly spreading among cities and countries and has touched many hearts. The Dhaba is a small roadside eatery, serving Punjabi food in community-style seating. Nowadays people are more fascinated and want to experience a local ambiance and taste. So many Dhabas are being opened with local chefs. 

But along with the taste of food ambiance is also equally important. A simple Dhaba can be transformed into a Punjabi theme Dhaba just by adding a touch of a few elements.

Some of the elements used for a Punjabi theme Dhaba:-

1. Seating arrangement

A typical Punjabi Dhaba has a lower floor seating with wooden charpai’s. You can add this type of seating arrangement for the same authentic experience of a Dhaba. This type of seating arrangement makes you more comfortable and relaxed, where you can enjoy quality time with your family.

2. Lighting

The lighting effect plays an important role in any place. When it comes to Dhaba lighting has a very important role in the overall look of the place. Natural lights from skylights or windows are the best for Dhabas, but by creating an artificial light you can include hanging chandeliers or wall sconces.

3. Adding color

Color plays a vital role in Dhabas. You can use colors that are not often used for decorating. Red, Purple, and Blue colors will add a touch of western look to Dhaba. You can choose some colorful elements like cushions, bolsters, chandeliers, or any other things which you like or which goes well with your theme

4. Wall art

Wall can showcase any culture, style, or theme. If you are going to make your Dhaba look like a Punjabi theme, you can use some traditional wall art designs like colorful patkas, haveli drawings, men and women, and quotes used by people of the region. Art can also be used as a photo wall that will catch the attention of guests as they enter your Dhaba.

5. Rugs and carpets

Dhabas are famous for their rugs and carpets where people sit to enjoy their meals. So as a part of your interior design, you can have some interesting rugs and carpets. These rugs can be one of the integral parts of your theme so choose the right pattern, design, and color scheme.

6. Traditional cutlery

Dhabas use traditional cutlery, so using the same cutlery will remind you of a Dhaba. You can also have some specialty utensils for serving and eating food. For example, Kulhads are mostly used to serve special Punjabi lassi. So adding these will make your Dhaba look authentic.

By making all these changes and incorporating elements from the above list, you can make a Punjabi theme Dhaba. At first, it may take some time to get used to the rhythm of the way of life of a Dhaba. But once you are comfortable, you’ll find the distinct flavors of traditional food. We hope the above list will help you to create an authentic experience in your Dhaba.