1. Large-scale prints for a stimulating visual effect.

2. Faux textures to add subtle sophistication to any room.

3. The resurgence of retro colors like pine green and burnt orange.

4. Patterned wallpaper for a vibrant yet subtle statement.

5. A spin on the traditional geometric design for a contemporary look.

  • Incredible wall mural ideas for your living space
5 stunning wall mural ideas for your home

1. An array of warm colours adds a rustic element to the space. 2. A simple yet beautiful pattern that adds a splash of colour. 3. A bold geometrical design that adds a dash of glamour to any room. 4. A simple black and white mural that emphasizes the beauty of simplicity. 5. A floral pattern that adds a touch of nature to any space. 6. A stone wall mural for a rustic, cottage-style feel. 7. An abstract and modern graphic pattern for a bright and airy decor.