If you are a person who likes to showcase love and support for your favorite celebrities, then you will surely do some acts showcasing your craze towards them. Mostly you would prefer celebrating birthdays, movie releases, or putting up large cutouts of your favorite stars. However, a few people go above and beyond what others do to show their love for their favorite celebrity. 

So what better way it can be than getting your huge exterior wall painted with the star cutout. Isn’t the idea about the star cutout awesome? It is true that if you are a fan of your favorite celebrity, then this decision to put up his or her cutout on your exterior wall will surely bring some tinge of nostalgia whenever you will see it. This can be the most innovative way to show love for your favorite celebrity. 

So, if you are a fan of popular personalities, this exterior wall would surely catch many people’s attention. This project we worked on is a huge cutout of hero Ram Pothineni’s upcoming film The Warrior, which will be released in July 2022. The owner of the house was a huge fan of Ram and wanted to get his massive exterior wall painted with the movie’s poster. The location was in Necklace road Hyderabad it is the best spot to catch many people’s eyes and get their admiration for such a unique and awesome project.

We planned the project carefully and took four days to complete this exterior wall art. Each team member worked hard while completing the project, as we wanted to get it done in time. The sun’s hot heat was not something we took into consideration as we were doing it for the love of our favorite hero. We completed the project and painted a massive cutout of Ram on this huge exterior wall. After completing the project, everyone on the team was happy as we could achieve something that no one else could think of. The cutout looked flawless and immense on this huge wall. 

If anyone loves celebrating a celebrity’s birthday or launching his or her new movie, this is for you. This is the best way to show support and stand out in the crowd of huge fanbases. So, get your exterior walls painted like no one else has before. This can be a great way to appeal to people to know you are an ardent fan of your favorite celebrity. We at Hyderabad Wall can execute any type of wall art project for you.