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How To Design A Princess Bedroom

A princess’s room has always been one of the most desired design elements. With all the different styles and themes becoming more popular, there is no shortage of recommendations on what type of layout should go in a princess’s room. For example, you may have heard that a princess’s bedroom should have a canopy bed with canopies covering both sides, two walk-in closets complete with matching wardrobes, or be outfitted with an arched ceiling window complete with mullions and panes. But how can an interior designer go about designing a princess bedroom and still avoid making it look like a set from the latest Disney princess movie?

Step 1: Creating Princess Bedroom Layout
Before you start looking at bedrooms and furnishings in an overzealous manner, take some time to design what theme or style will be used for this room and create a layout. Will you use an all-white theme with an antique touch, or will you choose the more modern option of using a muted color scheme with some splashes of bright colors? Once you have decided on the overall theme, this is when your imagination takes off.

Step 2: Choosing Colors for Painting the Room
To get your project started, you have to paint the bedroom. This is when you will get a general feel for what type of theme your little girl and her bedroom will be sporting. If your theme is an antique white one, make sure that the color is light and airy. However, if you prefer something more modern and contemporary, you can choose a bolder white or even a pastel shade. Also, look for textures in this stage as well. Smooth and soft textures give off an antique feel, whereas bolder shades are more contemporary in nature.

Step 3: Selecting Princess Bedroom Furniture
In the next stage, you will focus on the bedroom’s furnishings. The type of furniture you choose for a princess bedroom depends on whether you will be using a canopy bed with canopies or if you want to take a different approach and use cabinetry to create a similar effect. If using canopies, you need to add two side tables that are decorated with flowers and precious stones. These should be placed on both sides of the bed as well as at the foot of it. Another important piece of furniture is an armoire at the head of your little girl’s bed.

Step 4: Decorating With Wall Art Paintings
It would be best to consider choosing wall paintings and decorations that reflect your chosen theme. Avoid anything too flashy because doing so may make your little girl feel too catered to. If you want, you can even opt into using pencil sketches or photographs depicting princesses with special meaning or admiration in her life like her mother, grandmother, sister, and friends.

Obviously, there are countless ways that you can design a princess bedroom for your little girl. For example, you can choose to have a white-themed room with green and pink accents or even black and silver with a subtle hint of red. Remember to keep it classy, and your little girl will be more than happy with the results.