When you first move in, the best time to choose wall art for your home. Once you have it, you can decide on a theme or change your mind about things. The possibilities are endless. So let’s see how to choose wall art for your home.

After all, what is a room, if not a blank canvas? 

What you want to do first is decide on a theme. If you have a theme in mind, everything else should follow. Just as long as your art and furniture match the room’s personality, it’s all good. 

Whether you want something lighthearted or somber, abstract or literal, cozy or formal, there’s something here for you! Once you have your theme in mind, think about where the art will go.

Let’s start to choose!

1. Living room – Welcoming, balanced, and still elegant, the living room will have a distinct feel and serve as a visual centerpiece. You can use bright colors or accent pieces to create an inviting space. A great way to fill the space with a sense of style is by using large pieces and bold colors.

2. Bedroom – Embrace the intimate nature of your bedroom with art that reflects this sense of privacy, such as portraits and floral paintings. Soft colors such as yellow, blue, and light green are also great for this area in terms of color vibrancy and pattern matching. 

3. Dining room – The dining room should be warm, stylish, and inviting. Consider putting up a family tree, some pictures of your favorite places, or anything that might add to the overall ambiance.

4. Kids’ bedrooms – You want something fun, vibrant, and engaging in kids’ bedrooms that inspire everyone to get creative and have fun. Make sure your kids feel welcome in their little corner of the house, where they can relax after school or on the weekends. 

5. Kitchen – Be sure to use a lot of texture in your kitchen. Painting walls in neutral colors is a good idea for any room, but you will want to ensure these colors complement your kitchen appliances and cabinetry. 

6. Guest room – For a guest room, you want your guests to feel relaxed and welcome. It is the perfect place for them to retreat and enjoy a good book a little bit before bedtime. So make sure the walls are decorated appropriately, especially if you plan to host many parties. 

7. Home office – The office should reflect the personality of its owner, which means you should consider what kind of art you want there. You can select wall art with inspirational meaning.

Picking the perfect type of art for your home can be overwhelming. You may already have a few dozen options in your mind and not know which one is best. But relax. You don’t have to choose right now, and you don’t even have to choose this week. Take your time and let the ideas simmer around in your head. Soon, you will notice which pieces speak to you and, more importantly—the ones that speak to your home.