Galaxy Ceiling  Artwork –

When you sleep, is it possible to see MOON, STARS, and A GALAXY in your room? Yes! It is, now with the imported Night Sky Painting on the Ceiling. It Looks Like A SOLAR SYSTEM MODEL, PLANETARIUM, and UNIVERSAL SKY. Galaxy spray paint just absorbs the light source from any light. When you turn off light, you can see the sky will glow and if you put on the light, it disappears ceiling looks plain (as normal). Imagine sleeping at night and seeing the beautiful night sky inside your room! At Hyderabad Wall Art, we specialise in beautiful, galaxy ceiling artwork. Whether you want a night sky, a galaxy ceiling, twinkiling stars, clouds which look like they are moving, the Milky Way, our solar system or anything, we make it happen for you, so that your day ends happily. You can experience the night as if you were sleeping in a beautiful open-air field.

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