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Showcase your Love by Gifting a Portrait – Gifted to MP B.B.Patil by a Fan Portrait Canvas Painting

Dimensions –
Colours Used – Non-Toxic, Eco Friendly, Acrylic/Oil-based colours for colour protection
Canvas Material – 100% Pure Cotton Canvas rolls for long lasting artwork
Frame – High Quality Wooden and Metal frames

Note: Canvas Painting can be customised based on your requirement. You can choose various sizes and frames which suit your wall the best.



Portrait painting is a unique art form. This painting done in a traditional form of a portrait shows the emotion, form, and features of a loved one. The painting captures the expressions of the person in an exquisite manner. The colours and shades used have been chosen very carefully making it different from any other painting. You can give as a personal gift to your loved ones, a unique canvas painting that will be treasured for generations. This portrait painting was gifted to MP B.B. Patil by his fan Athimamula Ramakrishna member of the TRS party.