Portraying the Famous Scene from Mayabazar – Celebrating 100 Years of NTR Maabazar Canvas Painting

Dimensions –
Colours Used – Non-Toxic, Eco Friendly, Acrylic/Oil-based colours for colour protection
Canvas Material – 100% Pure Cotton Canvas rolls for long lasting artwork
Frame – High Quality Wooden and Metal frames

Note: Canvas Painting can be customised based on your requirement. You can choose various sizes and frames which suit your wall the best.



About this item
The simple and mysterious beauty of the Mayabazar’s magical box scene is captured in this magnificent canvas painting. The surprise and excitement on the faces of the actors are carefully drawn into the painting. The colours of the scene are rich and vibrant making it a stunning piece of art. If you are a fan of NTR this painting will surely be an addition to your collection and also brings a vibrant look to your home decor.