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Art Forms That Have Embraced Radha Krishna Paintings

Radha Krishna Paintings depict the platonic love story of Radha and Krishna. Krishna, an embodiment of Lord Vishnu (the supreme one), and Radha, who was an image of Goddess Lakshmi. Both were two parts of singular divinity. Their love is an inspiration for artists thousands of years ago and still provides the power of imagination for modern artists.

Let’s dive through the history of time and witness the art forms that have embraced Radha and Krishna Paintings.

  1. Phad Paintings
    Phad paintings are a depository of the oldest and sacred-themed Radha Krishna artworks. More than 700 years old, Phad was first originated in the Bhilwara region of Rajasthan. To one’s surprise, artists used rice and wheat flour instead of colors in the initial days. Describing the dedication and passion planted in the hearts of Radha and Krishna for each other becomes the central theme of Phad’s paintings.
  2. Madhubani Paintings
    Madhubani is perhaps the most popular form of Radha Krishna Paintings, and it was created due to the influence of Pahari paintings. It is practiced in the Mithila region of Bihar and was the lost treasure of Indian art found in the 20th century when a massive earthquake hit the state. Women being its leading creators, Madhubani paintings mostly circle the prominent theme of Radha Krishna.
  3. Tanjore Paintings
    It originated in the region of Tanjore in Tamil Nadu and is now one of the most celebrated forms of Indian art. Tanjore paintings are a fantastic combination of the classical and folk art style. The themes are inspired by Hindu epic poems, such as the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. They are also popularized on the global front because of the illustrations of Raasleela when little Krishna teases the Gopis of Gokul.
  4. Pichwai Paintings
    It started in the region of Rajasthan and was predominantly made by women. The Pichwai paintings process is generally made on a large cloth. Some of the famous paintings of Pichwai paintings comprise childhood tales of Krishna, Raasleela of Krishna, Krishna fighting off evil beings, and the eternal story of Radha Krishna. Having such charismatic representations made from natural colors would undoubtedly boost the aura of your home.

And the history continues.Today you can see this ancient art in many forms with impressionism, abstraction, and modern touch. This shows that even new art forms have come up, artist’s preference towards the narration of the story of Radha Krishna is inevitable. This is because the charisma and demand of Radha Krishna art will never fade away.

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